How To Nurture Your Customers and Avoid The Walk of Shame


Awesome!!! You’re crushing it in sales and making deals left and right. You’re selling your products and services like crazy. People want what you have and they are paying you hand over fist to get what you’re offering. You feel happy and on top of the world. Business is booming and growing fast to meet the demand that you worked hard to market and advertise to.


There’s one thing looming, though, that you don't even see. Hiding in the shadows, just lurking. Maybe you can’t see it because the glaze of your immediate success and business growth has blinded you. You feel its presence, but just can’t seem to put your finger on what it could be. It's definitely something you can’t ignore forever. I’ll clue you in. It’s the sound, and presence of a vacuum. A black hole your current customers are being sucked into, or maybe just falling into willingly.


Your asking yourself, “Why are my customers leaving?”, “Do they not like my service or product?”. I can tell you with strong confidence that is not the issue at all. You may be doing great at your craft, but what happens to your customers or clients after the sale, after the deal, after the contract has been signed? You might say, “I have no idea, I assume they are happy with my product or service.” They very well might be, but imagine how much more satisfied they would feel if you checked in on them after-the-fact. This could be as easy as sending them a thank you letter, or a follow-up email. Listen- they trusted you and they liked you, and that’s likely what led them to buy from you. Now, you should learn how to NURTURE your customers after the sale.


It goes way beyond just servicing them or making sure your product continuously works for them. It’s about keeping that relationship alive and and keeping an open line to listening to them. There's gold in that because it can give you amazing insight on how to better your product or service, and even give you a better idea on why your customers chose YOU. It goes way past just getting some online survey or review from them.

You have to care for and build on the relationships with customers for the entire customer life cycle and beyond.



Wait, were you just pretending to get their money? You mean to tell me that all you’re worried about is getting them to sign the contract and pass over the check or credit card? Well, consider that your first mistaken step on the long walk of shame called “business failure”. Climbing to success takes time, and without clients to support you, there’s no way you’ll ever reach your goals.

Shamed Man


Setting customer expectation correctly is so important and has to be done fast or you will face a business life of nightmares. Part of the strategy in setting expectation is nurturing your customers. In our industry, we call this the DELIGHT stage. Now your full time focus, beyond closing deals and getting contracts signed, is to nurture your customers and make sure they know you care. Pardon my analogies, but it’s true that to have a happy marriage you should still date your wife throughout your future, not just in the beginning. We should always be mindful on catering and caring for our customers, beyond the final sale. Below are just a few ways in which you can accomplish this:


  • Send a welcome letter right after the sale (you can automate this in some cases, but I always make it personal)

  • Gift company coffee mugs

  • Create cool caps or t-shirts with your company logo on it (or even their company logo)

  • Hand out unique company stickers

  • Gift movie tickets, gift cards, or baskets


Now don’t be lame and use these items to get customers like some companies do. This is meant for after the sale totally unannounced and almost in a covert operation black OPs way. When they least expect it is when it is more powerful and has more meaning to them. It will keep you in their mind and get across the message that you actually give a damn. Try these out and you might just get a customer singing your praises to others and increase the line at your door. There is nothing better than getting continuous sales from a rockstar client simply because you took the time to nurture them.


Get off that path to failure, and on the upward slope to success.

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